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On this page you will find a wide variety of our popular charms.

Dodo Bird CH 025

Eskimo & Sled CH 036

Lrg Filigree Heart

CH 019

Eskimo & Igloo green

CH 032

Walrus CH 030

Eskimo & Igloo pink

CH 033

CH063 Totem Charm

CH066 Totem Eaglehead

CH 061 Totem Narwhale


CH 062 Totem Narwhale


CH075 Eskimo Charm

CH076 Eskimo w Igloo

Totem Eagle Disc CH 072

Snow Shoe CH 071

Sail Boat CH 074

CH 056 Flying Eagle

CH 055 Eagle Charm

CH 073 Eagle on Cord

CH035 Alaska Gold Miner

CH 015 HowlingWolf

CH 058 Bear Fishing

CH 034 Alaska

CH 029 Long Totem

CH 045Card Suits


Bear Paw Up SIL




Whale Tail Large

Boot CH050

Feather CH023

SM Bear Paw BL CH013

CH059 Plane

CH060 Dolphin in Wave

CH065 Whale

CH067 Totem Moon

CH047 Arrowhead LGT Bolt 

CH048 Brown Bear Paw

CH042 Slot Hrt

CH039 Hanging Dice

CH038 #d Hanging Dice

CH040 Dice

CH031 Walrus Pink

CH 028 Chili Pepper

CH026 Flower

CH011 Kokopeli

CH010 Anchor PNK 

CH009 Palm Tree PK

CH043 Good Luck

CH007 Palm Tree w/Moon

CH008 Green Palm Tree

CH044 Dollar Sign

CH002 Large Filigree Butterfly

CH003 Pink Butterfly

CH006 Green Anchor

CH070 Teardrop Green Owl

CH069 Pink Owl

CH027 Kitten

LG Heart CH018

Diamond CH020

BTFLY Pink CH003

BFLY/Loop CH001

BTFLY Pink Curve CH005

Heart/Wings CH017

BTFLY Winged Pink CH004

Reverse Heart CH016

SM Bear Paw PK CH014


Arrowhead Earrings


Bear Earrings Pink


Oval Dangle Green Earrings

CH037 Stud Dice Earrings

CM014 Mushroom Stud

CM015 LGT Bolt Stud

CM010 Cruise Ship

CM012 LGT Bolt

CM013 Balloon

CH022 Blue Bear Stud

CM018 Moon Star FW


3 D Heart FW Earrings


Blue Bear FW Earrings


Fish Cross Earrings

Mini Charm Collection

The charms in this collection are on a smaller sale.

CM 008 Alamo

CH012 Arrowhead

CM005 Moose

CH041 Nevada

CM004 Penguin

CM016 Whale Tail

Cross CM006

Cross/Heart CM007

Mini 3D Heart CM002

CM019 Manatee

CM020 Good Luck Horseshoe

Sea Horse CM003

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